Teton Gravity Research: Breaking Through

How This 24-Year-Old Is Changing Big Wave Surfing.
A six-part series profiling athletes reaching the next level in their sport. Presented by REI Co-o.p


Brittany Interviews Brooke Hess for the Eddy Out Podcast-- Full-time master's student, part-time kayaker, part-time rock climber, and full-time dirtbag.

Brooke Hess is a full-time master's student, part-time professional kayaker, part-time rock climber, and full-time dirtbag. We talk about the impacts of our injuries on our life goals and our perspectives on what is important to us. Keeping waves a secret. Going from being in our prime physically in our sport to going back to school. FOMO. Concussions and brain injury recovery processes. Losing some of our competitive drive and healthy transitions. Confidence building. Inclusivity. Harry Potter. We even talk a little bit about river surfing and safety.


2020 Whitewater Awards - Best Trick Freestyle

Runner up and 3rd place


Limitless Pursuits

Kayaker Brooke Hess's most successful year on the water


Best Tricks of Summer 2019

2019 Highlights from the Slave River in the Northwest Territories, and Skookumchuck Wave in British Columbia.


Kayak Session - Reel World Volume 2. 

A Year Of Big Waves